Clinical study

Clinical study

Publication of our clinical study on Fertil’Hom®.

Our clinical study on Fertil’Hom® has been approved and published in the Journal of Andrology, the reference journal in the field of male fertility.

This randomized, double-blind study, conducted on 83 couples, demonstrates the effectiveness of Fertil’Hom® in improving fertility in subfertile men.

It clearly confirms that the combination of micronutrients and in particular the synergy of l-carnitin/acetyl-L-carnitine, as found in Fertil’Hom®, improves sperm quality and is an effective solution for male infertility.

This study led to 11 pregnancies out of 42 couples in the active group, i.e. 26% positive results!

This study is available for free download here.

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